Hawk Ridge Project

Gamma and Schindler Zones

Source: NI43-101 Technical Report for Hawk Ridge Project, Quebec -- April 30, 2012

The Gamma and Schindler Zones are located in the central part of the Hawk Ridge property. The two zones are on strike and about 500 m apart.

The area is underlain by a sequence of basalt, porphyritic gabbro and thin intervals of turbidite sedimentary rocks that have been thrust from the east and that dip steeply to the east. Peridotite has been injected at the contact between porphyritic gabbro and basalt, and appears to form a bulge south of the Schindler Zone where it is brecciated (Figure 14).

The mineralization at the Gamma Zone consists of massive sulphides at the base of porphyritic gabbro in contact with graphitic schist and of disseminated sulphides in the centre and upper part of the porphyritic gabbro (Figure 15).

The massive mineralization consists of pyrrhotite, chalcopyrite and pentlandite associated with the underlying sedimentary units that are occasionally termed iron formation, graphitic schist and turbidite. Composite grades of 4.56% Cu, 1.44% Ni over a near true-thickness of 3.5 m were intersected in HR 96-53 and the disseminated mineralization averages 0.52% Cu and 0.19% Ni over 16.2 m.

The massive mineralization is of probable magmatic origin and the mineralization is continuous both at depth and along strike, where it has been intersected over a surface area of about 60×60 m (Figure 16).

The mineralization is open at depth. To the north and south the massive mineralization appears closed but there is additional potential further north, and to the south where the Schindler Zone is located.

The mineralization at the Schindler Zone is as disseminated sulphides along the upper part of the porphyritic gabbro that has been intruded by peridotite directly above. The mineralization appears to be continuous and an average 0.4% Cu and 0.15% Ni was reported over 10.5 m, not true thickness in drill hole HR-97-102. The massive sulphide interval reported on surface was not intersected at depth (Figure 17).

Analyses for PGEs have not been performed on the core from the Gamma or Schindler Zones. Results from 16 surface rock samples taken by Wares and Goutier (1990) in the area reported 110-1230 ppb Pd and values of 120 and 150 ppb Pt were reported from two analyses.